Christie’s Auction: Out of The Ordinary

Christie’s holding it’s second annual Out of the Ordinary sale, which will be held on September 3, 2014, featuring an eclectic selection of items – some incredible, featuring unconventional taste and joys. While there are some real oddities, I am most intrigued by the Zebracorns. They’re both beautiful and sad.

Zebracorns - Esitmated: $5,000 - $8,000

Zebracorns – Esitmated: $5,000 – $8,000

The live auction will be complemented by a curated internet auction, Out of the Ordinary: The Online Edit, live from 27 August thru 10 September. Both sales will be on extended public exhibition displaying the intriguing items for five weeks from 4 August until the auction on 3 September. 

More information regarding the auction can be found [here].

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Design Crush: The Marlton Hotel

There are few spaces that I become obsessed with and covet the look of. The Martlon Hotel is one of those places that boasts several spaces in which I’m in love with. The lobby’s mix of chesterfield sofas and leather lounge chairs are that very cool. In the guest rooms the refined, classic moldings paired with modern fixtures and unexpected details are just so good.  I’m curious about the charming hand sconces, that live surprisingly well next the elegant Louis headboards. And I most happy about the modern chandeliers that are a great juxtaposition, which keeps the rooms from feeling too stuffy. Marlton_Hotel Marlton_Hotel_Lounge Marlton_Hotel_Lounge_1 Marlton_Hotel_The_Petite_Queen_Sheets Marlton_Hotel_The_Petite_Queen Marlton_Hotel_The_Full_Sconce Marlton_Hotel_The_Twin_Details Marlton_Hotel_The_Twin_Bath Since the hotel has opened I’ve been trying to source similar materials so that I can evoke a similar mood in my home. There are a lot of parallel features in my bedroom already, so that’s probably reason enough as to why I fell for these spaces. The last few elements – throw on a faux fur blanket, add a Chinese garden stool and swap out my chandelier for something more modern perhaps?

Here are a few products that I’ve gathered to help you get the look too. They’re not exactly the same fixtures or products as you’ll find at the Marlton but close cousins, that can be made even closer with a couple slight adjustments (headboard for example can be re-upholstered and leafed in gold). For the most part I’ve kept a modest budget in mind as well. Marlton

1. Light Fixture 2. Curtains 3. Pillow 4. Sconce 5. Sheets 6. Headboard 7. Chair 8. Faux Fur Throw 9. Chinese Garden Stool 10. Side Table 

Thanks for reading.

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Apartment Updates: “Dressing Room”

I have big news! Brace yourselves, I have completed my first wallpaper project that I did completely on my own. It took me a full 6 hours to paper a 18 sq foot space that I have named my Dressing Room. It’s basically a passthrough between my living room, bedroom closet and bathroom. However, when you open the double doors to my closet it creates an area for me to dress. Papering this tiny space made a tremendous difference in my life in two ways. One, it looks fantastic and two, I learned a new skill! I’m so prepared to start my next project. I have future plans to paint the interior of my closet, but that has yet to commence. In my world it’s all about doing one tiny space at a time.



Check out the before and after photos.

The Room Before

The Room Before

The Room After

The Room After

Amongst other news I’m working on a cabinet for my shoes. I’m planning to refinish what was an old cupboard with the green malachite paper. In hopes of creating a jewel box for my shoes. Eek! Stay tuned. . .


The paper is available from Kelly Wearstler, the pattern is Currents, color way is Gold/Ivory you can order it [here].

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Host A Late-Summer Soiree

In partnership with I try to pull together monthly Ideabooks. This past month I wanted to celebrate summer and serve up some soiree styling ideas for the table. Some of my favorite products are shown below. More information and purchasing options can be found on in my Ideabook. One commenter, MartinMittelMark even wrote a poem based on the Ideabook. I was totally smitten!

For Information on products Please see Ideabook on

For Information on products Please see Ideabook on


Wood and glass and mats divine.
Braids of rope so intertwined.
Brass and cubes of ice to see.
Bottles cooling merrily.

Tables old,
Utensils of gold,
And clam shells heavenly.

All make,


All are cool and oh so neat.

Dishes and bottles,
Of blue.

Help us
Enjoy a party,

For me
And you.

Poem by: Martin Mittel Mark

How has your summer been? Too short? I couldn’t agree more!

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